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About Sarabella Cooks

Gerry Biordi2Gerry Biordi developed a passion for cooking Italian food while living in Bologna, Italy for many years.  In Italy, she learned to cook from the best possible teachers - Italian mothers and grandmothers!

After returning to New York, Gerry decided to polish her culinary knowledge and attended the Institute of Culinary Education. At the same time she interned at La Cucina Italiana where she began cooking for their catered events.  She also became involved in their recipe testing and prepared food for their photo shoots. After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education, she started her own Catering and Meal Delivery Service named:  "Sarabella Cooks"

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What is Real Time Cooking?


Real Time Cooking with Chef Gerry Biordi is like having a master chef right in your very own kitchen!  

Real Time Videos make learning to cook foolproof! We tell you what ingredients and utensils you'll need (and we NEVER use processed foods). Once you have the ingredients in hand, just hit play and cook along with the video in REAL TIME. You slice, dice, sear and saute right along with th e video, which means when our dish is done, so is yours! 

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