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You might not bake a lot, but every once in awhile we’re all bitten by the baking bug. And when the urge to bake something takes over, be ready to indulge. Whether it’s a warm apple pie or a decadent chocolate cake, having the right tools and ingredients on hand makes all the difference.


MUFFIN PAN  - even if you’re not into making muffins, these are great for making little quiches or pies. Pour in your favorite cake batter and make individual cakes.


TART PAN - fluted edges and a removable bottom make this pan a keeper. 


SPRINGFORM PAN - who doesn’t love a good cheesecake? It’s one of the easiest cakes to make, and a springform pan makes it super easy to remove. Great for any other type of cake too!


LOAF PAN - pound cake and bread both make this pan useful. So does meatloaf!


PARCHMENT PAPER - line your pans with parchment and your baked goods won’t stick. And that makes clean up a breeze.


MEASURING SPOONS - these are listed in Kitchen Essentials, but for baking they are a MUST.  Deep ones that are easy to level off are best.


MEASURING CUPS - also part of Kitchen Essentials.  Remember that liquid measure and dry measure are different, so you should have both. 


SCALE - weighing ingredients is the only way to be absolutely accurate. A little too much flour or even a little less than the required amount can make a huge difference in baking. A digital scale is easiest to use.


SHEET PAN - I have several of these and use them for EVERYTHING, from cookies to bread to vegetables to pieces of chicken. Indispensable.


ROLLING PIN - make sure you’re comfortable with the size and weight. The American style has ball bearings and 2 handles. The French style is a baton with tapered ends. Try out both to see which you like better.


BENCH SCRAPER - great for scraping up dough that sticks to the counter, scooping up cut vegetables and herbs or cutting up pieces of dough.


COOLING RACK - whether it’s cookies or a cake, you’ll want to cool your baked goods on a rack so air can circulate under the pan as well as around it. 


MIXER - if you don’t want to invest in a big one, or don’t have the space, get an electric hand mixer. For those times that good old fashioned elbow grease just won’t cut it.